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Op de site superfoodly uit de jaren '50, waarin werd aangegeven dat roken gezond was. L'histoire se repete. Citaat uit de tekst: "My grandfather lived well into his 90’s. Physically, he was in excellent shape ’til even the end...

In his mid 80’s, he rode major roller coasters and The Power Tower with me at Cedar Point. He had the strength of a horse and plenty of endurance. But eventually, he succumbed to Alzheimer’s".

It takes just one hand to count how many times I saw him sip a drink during the two decades we shared together on earth. He never smoked, but always shared how others picked on him for that his whole life.
Folks thought he was crazy to even suggest the idea that cigarettes were unhealthy. Even his wife, my grandmother, was a nurse who smoked a couple packs per day. Likewise for pretty much everyone else around him.

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For probably 50 years, he had to deal with these critics of his tobacco free lifestyle…“They would say something is wrong with me, because I don’t smoke. They would say I’m stupid and a conspiracy theorist, because I believe smoking is unhealthy.”

Do you feel like you’re experiencing the same today, but with cell phones?

90% of your friends and family will probably chuckle at you, if you express health concerns about wireless phones or WiFi (which operates at a very similar frequency). Do cell phones cause cancer? They tell you absolutely not. But what they absolutely don’t understand is biology.

Het artikel vervolg met de lange tijd die erover heen gaan voordat tumoren kunnen worden gedetecteerd, hersen tumoren (10/30 jarige vormingsperiode, borst kanker (8 jaar) en de verklaring van de World Health Organization, die electro magnetische velden heeft geklassificeerd in klasse 2B, mogelijk kankerverwekkend.