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More and more people are getting physical problems, due to the increasing load of radiation from antennas and other emitting stations, also known as electromagnetic radiation (EMS). This is especially true for people who are electro sensitive. Sometimes this becomes electro-hypersensitivity (EHS), the collective name for a series of complaints associated with electromagnetic radiation.

In Scandinavia electro hypersensitivity is now officially recognized as a disease. This also applies to other countries such as Switzerland, where in the 'Diagnoseverzeichnis, ICD-10GM Version 2013 "the new disease: Electrical Sensitivity is described.

Causes increasing radiation exposure
Over the past 15 years the number of cell towers (GSM, UMTS, 4G, C2000, digitenne) boomed including the number of WIFI routers and DECT phones. Via WIFI routers and DECT phones, people are exposed to radiation coming from other houses / buildings. Now 5G is added to it.

Examples of symptoms related to radiation include: insomnia, palpitations, headaches, skin problems, anxiety, ADHD, irritability, restless legs, stomach and intestinal complaints, general malaise feeling, high blood pressure, stress, loss of concentration, allergies, hyperactivity, chronic fatigue. These symptoms occur in offices and home situations.

Government policy
Does the government offers no protection against this increasing radiation? The Dutch government, states in contrast with many other countries until now, that this radiation is not harmful, and relies on dated advices of the Dutch Health Council. Newer advices of this council, are not taken into concern. This council considered only the aspect heating of the human body, related to radiation. As a result, very high exposure is used, for example, 10000 mW / m 2 (micro watts per square meter) for UMTS. In countries such as Russia and China, this limit 100 mW / m 2, a factor of 100 lower.

Most doctors are not aware of the problem, Health problems such as headaches, muscle and joint pain, cardiac arrhythmia, skin problems, fatigue and concentration problems – are often attributed to psychological factors, if one cannot find a clear cause. Often people have to go through long sets of tests.The cost of these unnecessary tests, increase dramatically the last time.

More info
More detailed information on this issue can be found on websites like: stopumts.nl - stralingsrisicos.nl - stichtingehs.nl - beperkdestraling.org (Flemish part of Belgium).

Healthy staff, lower costs
Inmplementing radiaton decreasing measures wiithin companies, leads to the result less problems related to the increasing radiation exposure. The following advantages occur then: increased productivity and improved health. A study by Jones Lang Lasalle (Occupier Special, Sustainability, 2013) shows that office often places users 'health' in the first place.

Healthy and vital life with radiation!
It is still possible to live with radiation healthy and vital, by impemeting the plan of action which is following a the radiation measurement.

Radiation measurement, implementation of measurement
EMV Meting.nu deals with the measurement and analysis of high and low frequency electromagnetic radiation (DECT, GSM, UMTS, WiFi, 4- and 5G, electrical wires) in homes and workplaces. Low-frequency electromagnetic radiation are at present, in power lines and appliances such as electric blankets, and water beds.

So-called "dirty electricity" can also be measured, which means pollution of the electric wires network, which - among others - can lead to increased blood sugar in diabetics (Havas, Magda 2008, Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine). More and more people suffer from it.

Through a investigation per room, the radiation level becomes visible. The counts will be registered in a report with an action plan. By implementing the plan, the level of radiation can be reduced significantly in a short time.

EMV Meting.nu is compiling this website and paying the utmost attention, to the accuracy of the information provided. This information derives in some cases from third parties. Therefore EMV Meting.nu is not responsible and / or liable for any errors or imperfections.